Conference Presentations 4 States Airport Conference – 2024

AG Sprayers and Your Airport

An overview of aircraft used to apply product, required ground-based support equipment and staging area configurations. Both the public sector and governmental sectors are looking for ways to promote airside and landside operational efficiency and safety. We are looking for input. Jeff Deitering, FAA Airports Central Region & Jerry Searle, HDR

Advanced Air Mobility, Vertiports, UAS Detection and Mitigation and Commercial Space - The New Mission of the Airports Divisions New and Emerging Entrants Branch

Airport Vegetation Management, Challenges and Solutions

AIP & Airport Development Project Overview

Cradle to grave discussion regarding the development of an AIP construction project and the processes within project such as initiation, design, procurement, grant management, construction and closeout. Presented by Andrea McKinnie & Brian Tompkins, FAA Airports Central Region

Airfield Concrete Pavement Construction (Using AC 150/5370-10H)

FAA Advisory Circular 150/5370-10H sets the minimum standards for airfield pavement construction. ACPA works directly with the FAA to develop specification that leads to quality airfield pavements. We will address the problems that have plagued the airfield pavement construction stakeholders including parts of P-501 that are vague and often misinterpreted plus newly release Engineering Brief 106 that changes the way cement is specified. Presented by Gary Mitchell, Chief of Engineering & Construction, ACPA & Dan Wilson, FAA Central Region

Airport Electrification

Airport Electrification - state of the industry, outlook for the next 5 years, where does it make sense and what can your airport do to ready itself. Presented by Jose Villarreal (Moderator) & Eric Putnam, Burns & McDonnell and Larry Peet, Johnson County Airport Authority.

Airport Operations Tracking System in the Real World

Recent years have seen the emergence of airport monitoring systems. Managers from three regional airports will share their experience using their new software over the past 12-18 months. To include implementation, funding, use on a daily basis, problems solved or remain to be solved. Presented by Ivan Vasquez, 1200 aero; Mark Scandalis, Paso Robles Memorial Airport, Peter Cevallos, Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport and Matt Grenoble, Sheboygan County Memorial Airport

Airport Vegetation Management, Challenges and Solutions

Cost effective solutions of airfield vegetation sites including: landscape areas, aquatic sites, fence lines, runway crack and service and airfield turf management. Presented by Mike Maine, Nutrien

Airport Wildlife Management

This presentation will cover all aspects of managing wildlife on airports, including habitat management, harassment, exclusion, lethal control, surveys and permits. Presented by Dan McMurtry - USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services

AOPA Update

This session will include AOPA efforts in federao and state government affairs, transition to unleaded aviation fuels (aircraft and airport considerations), AOPA High School Aviation Curriculum and the Airport Support Network. Presented by Tom Chandler - Regional Manager Central Southwest, AOPA

Aviation Weather & What the National Weather Service Can Do for You

How Weather impacts aviation with case studies. Weather impacts to include turbulence, icing and thunderstorms and how the National Weather Service supports the FAA air traffic and the services they can provide you and your airport. Presented by Kenny PodraziK Chelsea Kenyon, CWSU-ZKC National Weather Service

Contract Towers

Round table discussion. This problem is still on the table. Presented by Steve Stockam - Olsson

FAA Update - General Session

This is a listening session to get the latest information from the FAA. Presented by Jim Johnson - FAA Central Region

George Jetson's Guide to Airport Leases

The 1960"s television series the Jetson's predicted the "future" birth of George Jetson on August 22, 2024. While George may only be taking baby steps today, airports should be considering the implications of an innovative future. While many in the airport industry continue to consider his flying car a flight of fancy, changes in mobility patterns, fuel sources and consumer demand should guide the development of your current contracts. Presented by C. Edward Young, Jetlaw, LLC

Hot Topics in Airport Certification

Discussion of the latest and all things related to Part 139 inspections. Presented by Mark Cozad & Andrew Edgar - FAA Central Region.

How to Leverage Your Prices & Measure Your FBO

Learn how simple metrics can have a profound effect on decision making and pricing strategies. These tools allow airports and FBO's to attract business and increase revenue. Presented by Kyle Eiserer, Airside FBO, LLC

How to Make Your Asphalt Runway Last More than 20 Years!

We will review recent performance data and 10 Year Performance Review of P-608 sealcoats; plus the recent field assessments and details on "P608H'; and innovative P608 "Heavy" surface treatment for higher severity distresses that has been recently introduced to the industry. Presented by John Hunter & Joe LaRusso, Asphalt Systems

How We Kept the Runway Operational While Extending It

How we were able to extend the primary runway of a commercial service airport using a temporary blast fence to maximize the use of the runway, This was accomplished during COVID. Presented by Ryan Lorton, Burns & McDonnell & Michael Parks, Columbia Regional Airport

MCI Runway 1L-1L-19R Reconstruction Project Spotlight

The reconstruction of one of the primary Kansas City International Airport runways. This presentation will highlight the pre-design/planning, design, construction phases of the project that highlights the unique design elements, project challenges and lessons learned from the Engineer and Owner's perspective, Presented by Matt Walsh, HNTB and Mallie Hare, Kansas City Aviation Department

Understanding Safety Management Systems (SMS)

This session will cover the new FAA rule for SMS and the items required to be accomplished by airports. Hazard identification is a large piece if SMS and it helps to begin the needed culture change to get safety more on the mind of everyone involved. This session will focus on critical success factors for implementing SMS at your airport.

State of Charge - Implementing Electric Vehicle Infrastructure on Your Airport

Learn what the impact will be to your airport system, i.e. charging time, rental cars, your electrical grid, parking problems and time, etc. Presented by Brian Marshall, Olsson

Stop the Change Order Game on Your Projects

Eliminate extra change orders in your construction by ensuring the contract is written properly, you must obtain copies of all contracts, licenses, plus have searchable documentation database. It is also important to have a 3rd party in all meetings for full team collaboration. Presented by Shelley Armato, MySmartPlans

Title VI Compliance is Coming!!!! Are You Ready for an Audit?

The FAA has advised airports of the schedule for Title VI compliance over the next two years, come hear about the steps you can undertale to ensure that your Title VI program audit is a successful one, Presented by Hilary Fletcher -Jviation, a Woolpert Company

TSA Update and Q&A

TSA update on the latest issues and an opportunity to get some of your questions answered. Presented by Sam Fuller & Tony Metcalf (KS) - DHS.

What's New On Airport Airspace Submittals: AC 150/5300-20 ADIP (7480 Module)

Discussion of the new 7480/Part 157 Module in ADIP and how staff assignments are changing to better serve Part 157 Facilities. Presented by John Karasch, FAA Airports Central Region